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Match My Email commits to offering the best support in the business. If you have a support issue, Ovidiu Bivolaru, Head of Support and Operations, will ensure that your issue is resolved.

Match My Email is cloud technology.  You do not need a license key to install it.  Just follow the instructions in the excellent Setup Guides below.

Standard Setup Guide

Match My Email Standard Set Up Guide (all Salesforce editions)
The purpose of this Set-Up Guide is to get you through the above steps as quickly as possible. The average set-up takes about 5 minutes.

Version: 3.4.1
Size: 1.28 MB

MultiMatch Setup Guides

MultiMatch Set Up Guide for Salesforce Group/Professional Edition
The purpose of this Set-Up Guide is to get you through the steps as quickly as possible for Professional and Group Editions of

Version: 4.4.0
Size: 2.40 MB

MultiMatch Set Up Guide for Salesforce Enterprise/Unlimited Edition
The purpose of this Set-Up Guide is to get you through the steps as quickly as possible for Enterprise and Unlimited Editions of

Version: 4.4.0
Size: 2.83 MB

User Management Guides

Adding Users to Existing Match My Email Account
Cloud Admins can follow the steps in this guide to add more users to an existing Match My Email account. New Users can be given one of two roles with different levels

Version: 3.3.1
Size: 0.79 MB

Quick Set Up Guide For Users Salesforce Authentication & IMAP
Once a Match My Email account is set up, each User that is added needs to use this guide to set up authentication through their login and select folders for email importing. This guide is also helpful to those needing to switch authentication method from security token to OAuth 2.0.

Size: 0.89 MB

MultiMatch User Guide
The design objective of MME is to put all customer email communications into the right object(s) in with no user activity required.

Version: 4.2.1
Size: 2.46 MB

The purpose of Match My Email (“MME”) is to integrate your email account or accounts with (SFDC). MME is designed to be fully automatic, 24/7/365, always on and operate with little or no end-user intervention. MME is a cloud service that is accessible via a browser using a username and password. MME is platform-independent and leverages open standards such as IMAP for email and OAuth for authentication. The service syncs and logs email and its attachments to standard objects like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, Opportunities and Cases.

MME’s goal is to make email syncing as seamless and automatic as possible while creating a 100% complete and accurate email log inside of Its goal is to do all the work associated with email syncing for the end-user. Time studies show that MME saves the average user 100 hours of manual labor per year.

The service is designed to be “set up and forget” and operate completely in the background. Once an end-user has set up his or her credentials, the service works with no user intervention, including password authentication.

MME works with any IMAP-compatible email server or service such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Open-Xchange, Zarafa, Scalix, Communigate PRO, Qmail, Groupwise, Rackspace, GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, MacMail, Entourage, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Postfix.


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