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Improve Sales Efficiency with the Only Automatic Salesforce Email Integration App

Email is the most important way that we communicate with our customers. We were surprised that didn’t offer adequate email integration. All the other products required too much manual work and didn’t create a 100% complete email log.

After searching the AppExchange, we decided to develop Match My Email for internal use. Our goal was to push automated Salesforce email integration to the limit and create the ultimate productivity tool.

Four years later, we can’t imagine doing our work in without Match My Email. It is the ultimate add emails to Salesforce tool available today.

Add Emails to Salesforce

Salesforce for Outlook, Match My EmailWe also needed a platform independent solution. Our company has a heterogeneous email environment. Some people use Microsoft PCs or laptops, other have Apple Macbooks, iPads and iPhones, and still others have Android and Blackberry smartphones. The benefit of a cloud solution is that is works with all of these devices because it requires “NO SOFTWARE”, just a username and password.

Sales Operations got an unexpected benefit from Match My Email. Because Match My Email creates a 100% complete email log in SFDC, this data could be used to create Reports and Dashboards. Now, sales management can track ‘cold’ and ‘orphaned’ records in Salesforce. With the NO MATCH view, we can see emails that don’t relate by email address to a record in SFDC. We then use the +Match feature to create new SFDC records directly from the emails.

  • Salesforce Outlook Integration

    Match My Email offers the best Salesforce Outlook integration. With Match My Email, all the emails in Outlook are mirrored and copied in Salesforce automatically to matching email address fields. No more jumping back and forth between Salesforce and Outlook to see what is going on with a customer. All the emails in Outlook are in Salesforce, matched to the right record.

  • Salesforce for Outlook on Mac

    Some of our employees switched to Macs. They wanted to use Outlook with their Apple devices. Salesforce for Outlook (“SFO”), unfortunately, only works on a PC. SFO is an Outlook plugin for Salesforce that only works on Windows, it does not work on OS X for Mac or iOS for iPad or iPhone. So we faced the issue of not being able to connect Saleforce to Outlook on an Apple computer or smartphone. Luckily, Match My Email’s cross platform, open source technology works equally well on PC’s and Mac’s. It solves our Salesforce for Outlook needs.

  • Salesforce Google Integration

    As our company grew, some of our workforce wanted to use Gmail and/or Google Apps, instead of Outlook. Match My Email’s cloud-based technology allowed us to achieve Salesforce Gmail integration in parallel with Outlook on Windows and Outlook on Mac. Gmail is a great email platform. Match My Email was able to leverage both its interface to Google Drive and use Open Authentication to solve password sync.

  • Salesforce Exchange Integration

    Because Match My Email works at the cloud level, integrating Microsoft Exchange with Salesforce was easy. One key benefit of the cloud is that its does not require the installation of extra software in the Exchange server. That means one less software package to maintain and upgrade.

  • Salesforce for Office 365

    Microsoft has been very successful with its groupware cloud offering Office 365. Integrating Salesforce to Office 365 takes less than one minute, with Match My Email’s cloud technology. Match My Email seamlessly integrates Office 365 with Salesforce so all emails are sorted and filed into Salesforce automatically in the cloud.

  • Salesforce for GoDaddy

    Match My Email works out-of-the-box with GoDaddy’s traditional business email offerings like Business Unlimited. After GoDaddy’s recent adoption Office 365, Match My Email can work with both the legacy system and the new Microsoft-based offerings at once.

  • Salesforce for Rackspace

    Rackspace users have long benefited from excellent business emails services and great customer service. Match My Email integrates Salesforce with Rackspace email.

  • Salesforce for Yahoo

    For users of Yahoo!, Match My Email offers the best solution for their email to Salesforce integration needs.

Salesforce Email Integration Process

Match My Email matches and logs every inbound and outbound email to the right records in – whether they are Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and/or Cases. With a little APEX programming, it also works with Custom Objects. You will never have to think about email integration with again. The service is ‘set up and forget’, ‘always on’, ’24/7/365′ and works totally in the background. The computer software does all the processing related to the sorting and uploading of emails and their attachments to the right Salesforce record(s). That is why it is called Match My Email; it matches your emails in Outlook to all the right records in — fully automatically.

Salesforce Outlook Integration, Match My Email

Match My Email Saves 100 Hours of Manual Labor Per Year

Versus manual tools, Match My Email saves the sales person 25,000 mouse clicks per year. It is estimated that Match My Email saves the typical Salesforce user three hours of work per month. With Match My Email, there is no more jumping back and forth between Salesforce and your mailbox. Match My Email puts your mailbox into Salesforce so it is easy to see the latest communications with a customer. Match My Email populates every SFDC record with each and every email related to that record so the sales rep sees a 100% accurate view of the email activity in every record. In fact, the email view in SFDC is more robust than in Outlook or Gmail, because the sales reps sees the emails from and to the entire sales team, not just their own emails.

With Match My Email, all your emails – inbound and outgoing – are saved permanently in each record inside the Email Messages section. The interface mimics Outlook and Gmail for ease-of-use. Emails are listed in chronological order and show FROM:, SUBJECT; DATE; ATTACHMENT and ASSOCIATED RECORDS in the Type:match column. Hover over the SUBJECT and the email body is visible in a pop-up window. Click on Attachment to open it directly or an ASSOCIATED RECORD to jump to that record. MATCH, UNMATCH and DELETE button let you manage the email record inside

Email to Salesforce, Match My Email

Match My Email Syncs to

You can click on any email and open it. There you will see the Header, Date, Subject, Body and Attachments. You can view all the emails at once in Full List View.

Salesforce Outlook Integration, Match My Email

Email Body in

Click an attachment and it will open so that you can read the file in its original format. Match My Email can handle large attachments up to 30MB. It uploads attachments under 5MB to SFDC and inserts the Attachment name for those above 5MB and less than 30MB. Match My Email includes Attachment filtering tools as well.

Salesforce Email Integration, Match My Email

pdf Attachments in

Salesforce Email Integration Pricing

Match My Email only costs $14.95 per User per month. The subscription includes imports from two email accounts. Additional email imports can be purchased for $7.50 per month. Match My Email can import and log up to 1,000 emails and their attachments per day per user before it runs into processing limits. Match My Email includes a free automated legacy email import feature with every annual subscription that lets a user process and log 10,000 emails per month into SFDC. Match My Email will help you set up the service and train you and your users for free.

Match My Email & Salesforce Email Integration Compatibility

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Match My Email are the leading experts at integrating IMAP mail servers or services with and Salesforce1. MME is rated the best, most advanced and most affordable and Salesforce1 integration solution by its customers and industry experts. Every twenty minutes MME downloads your selected IMAP Folders from up to two email accounts simultaneously and matches them to Salesforce records. Every twenty minutes MME reprocesses the Salesforce database and your Inbox(es) for new matches. You never have to leave; all email communications and customer data in one place.