Control Freaks Love Match My Email

As a sales manager, I need to know what is going on with leads and customers in real time. To do my job, I need to see the emails flowing between my sales team and the customer base as they happen. I have been called a control freak. I just see it as doing my […]

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Match My Email Review on Salesforce.com AppExchange

Sometimes a customer can tell your story better than the marketing department. “This app is great, it’s the only set-and-forget-it app for email on Salesforce. Here’s our story with it. Our organization users Google Apps for email. Upon signing up for Salesforce Professional Edition and reading their misleading “Gmail integration” claim (there’s no integration), I […]

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Sort My Email Automatically and Sync It To Salesforce.com

It is not easy to automatically sort all the email in all of your Inboxes and Sent Item folders and sync them to the right Salesforce.com record at once and in real time. Fully automatic email integration with Salesforce.com requires the combination of seven different technologies to work efficiently. Match My Email has worked through […]

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Why Match My Email is Better

Why Match My Email is Better One of the major weaknesses of customer relationship management or CRM solutions is email integration.  Logging e mails sent to and received from customers, leads, prospects, accounts, clients or sales opportunities requires the best application.  Match My Email is different from all other Salesforce.com email integration or logging tools.  The other solutions dump the […]

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