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Email Integration in the Cloud

Email integration is an essential part of any CRM system. Being able to see customer communications inside a CRM record or lead makes the selling process easier and more efficient. But matching emails with CRM files is not easy to do. It requires expertise in both email parsing and database structures. Match My Email has […]

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Email Activity Reports Inside

Match My Email lets sales executives see all the email correspondence — inbound and outbound — of their sales reps.  Executives can sort the email streams by Lead or Contact or Opportunity or Case or Account.  Using the Report feature in Salesforce, this Activity History can be presented as a single report by categories.

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Filtering Out Personal and ‘Spamfomercial’ Emails

Today, a customer asked us if Match My Email can filter out private emails; he needs this to get his HR department to approve a email integration solution.  The HR department does not want any personal emails or spamfomercials in Match My Email has a different architecture than other email integration solutions. MME does not dump the entire […]

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Putting Large Emails in

Today a customer asked,”Can Match My Email put a large email into or does it get lost above the size limit like with VCS Smart Email?”. When Match My Email encounters an oversized email, it automatically stores it as an Attachment in the Notes section of the file. In the email, MME […]

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