#1 Salesforce Email Integration App for GoDaddy

Match My Email can solve the Salesforce email integration troubles that GoDaddy email users experience. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, Match My Email syncs emails automatically from all types of GoDaddy email accounts, including GoDaddy Unlimited. No need to stress, Match My Email will solve your email syncing and logging needs without making you migrate to a new email system.

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High Performance Sales Teams Use Automated Salesforce Email Integration

Salesforce Email Integration is one way to save precious time. Automated email syncing and logging removes a time consuming chore from a sales professional’s daily To Do List. Even if it takes only 11 seconds to log an email to Salesforce with a manual tool like Salesforce for Outlook, over the course of a month, a sales professional can save 3 hours of time with automation – or 18 precious ten-minute sales opportunities. The leading automated email integration app for is Match My Email.

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Match My Email
P.O. Box 143
Ardsley on Hudson, NY 10503 USA

+1 877 302 2027
+1 914 712 9050

About the Product

Match My Email

Only Salesforce & Any IMAP Compliant Email System

4.9 (76 ratings )

$14.95 per user per month