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Platform or Tool? What is the Right Approach to Email Integration for Salesforce?

Email messages continue to be a key part of today’s customer relationship. The average business user sends and receives 110 emails each workday. Of these 110 emails, on average 25 are externally facing and need to be added to the right record in the CRM system. Email has not ‘died’ with the rise of mobile […]

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Why Won’t Match My Email Package Install Within

Installed Package Limits may be the reason; you may need to upgrade Editions. limits the number of third party and “packages”or applications that can be used with its cloud service. The package or AppExchange limits are based on Editions. Edition Price per Month # of Apps Contact Manager $5 0 Group $20 […]

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How much storage comes with my account and how much of that storage will email syncing use up?

Answer: Match My Email prospects and customers ask these questions all the time, so we decided to share some real world information to answer them. All screenshots in this article are clickable, in case the reader wants to get a more detailed view of the data. A account is also called an organization. For […]

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What Is the Process For Logging In and Out Emails In doesn’t make it easy to log emails as they are sent out of and replied to by clients, customers, leads and contacts. Logging in and out email in requires constant work and repetitive “mouse-clicks” if you use the “free tools” provided by Plus email logging only works if you are logged […]

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What is the benefit of using Match My Email, instead of just using the out of the box “Email to Salesforce” for email integration?

It is true that Salesforce offers the “Email to Salesforce” connector for Outlook which performs some minimal functions but has limitations. For starters, it only works with Outlook. It also requires you to BCC your outgoing emails, and it only logs outgoing emails, not those that are incoming. [pullquote] QUICK FACTS With Match My Email, […]

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