Platform or Tool? What is the Right Approach to Email Integration for Salesforce?

Email messages continue to be a key part of today’s customer relationship. The average business user sends and receives 110 emails each workday. Of these 110 emails, on average 25 are externally facing and need to be added to the right record in the CRM system. Email has not ‘died’ with the rise of mobile […]

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Mobile Email Integration is Holding Up Salesforce Adoption

If your boss asks you what is holding up Salesforce adoption, you can tell him that a new survey points to mobile device integration. More specifically, the lack of mobile email integration is the greatest source of user dissatisfaction. Unhappy users don’t adopt; they resist. We all know that the business world is changing. More […]

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Salesforce Task Due Date for Listview

Our parent company is a super user. is core to its sales process across three divisions. To improve the efficiency of SFDC, in 2011, RAE Internet invented Match My Email to solve the missing email integration feature. We needed an email syncing and logging tool that would be fully automated, platform independent and […]

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Salesforce Email Integration Requires Mobility and Platform Independence

Mobility is redefining the work place. Today’s sales reps are always on the go and always connected. Mobility requires email integration in the cloud that is platform and device independent. Email needs to be synced and logged to from a multitude of devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads, eBook readers, laptops and desktops – in […]

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Match My Email Launches Newest Email Integration Technology for

Match My Email has released a new version of its email integration service for that allows end-users to select between manual and automated email syncing and logging in the same cloud solution. The new technology fully automates the import of old or legacy imports, replacing the current manual tools. Ardsley on Hudson, New York. […]

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Integrate GoDaddy Email with in the Cloud

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the world are moving to the cloud because it is cheaper and less hassle.  Cloud computing transfers application management to outside specialists who can price services based on usage, not on capital invested.  Cloud computing companies also provide better customer service, because with a service if the customer is […]

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Exception Reporting Using Sales Cloud and Match My Email

Sales operations professionals are always looking for new ways to improve the sales process. Monitoring email activity by User and/or Contact (or any other object type) is a good way to track sales rep performance and responsiveness. Match My Email offers reporting tools that enable sales operations professionals to see the ratio and frequency of […]

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