Taking Email Integration for Salesforce to the Next Level with Match My Email

Match My Email, the #1 automated email integration for Salesforce app, has added new programming features that enable Salesforce power users to take email integration to the next level. Leveraging Match My Email’s custom object, proprietary scripting language and Salesforce features such as triggers and automated email workflows (i.e., sometimes called drip campaigns), Salesforce users can now create fully automated email processes inside Salesforce. With Match My Email, sales operations can implement automated email integration for Salesforce that vastly improve productivity, reduce mistakes and provide management with exactly the reports and dashboards they want.

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#1 Salesforce Email Integration App for GoDaddy

Match My Email can solve the Salesforce email integration troubles that GoDaddy email users experience. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, Match My Email syncs emails automatically from all types of GoDaddy email accounts, including GoDaddy Unlimited. No need to stress, Match My Email will solve your email syncing and logging needs without making you migrate to a new email system.

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Match My Email Opens Branch in New Zealand to Serve the Asia/Pacific Region

Match My Email’s parent company has founded a wholly owned subsidiary in New Zealand. The subsidiary, RAE Internet Ltd., currently is hiring development and support staff. Two employees have already be recruited to customization the Match My Email app for Asia/Pacific workflows and support customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and India.

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