New Release

Syncs Email with Professional and Group Editions

Match My Email has released a new version of its cloud service that works with’s Professional and Group Editions. Orginally, Match My Email was designed to work with the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions targeted at large enterprises. But about 90% of the Salesforce users who contacted Match My Email about its email syncing […]

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Fully Automatic Email Integration for

Based on Customer Behavior, Match My Email Adds Feature That Resolves Ambiguous Matches Automatically and Logs Email Into the Right Record Match My Email was launched in January 2011 as a new email integration application for Building on 10 years of experience scanning emails for viruses and spam, Match My Email offers a […]

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Importing From Multiple Email Accounts

Match My Email put Version 1.4 into production over the weekend. This release includes a new feature: single user import from multiple email accounts. Many people have more than one email account and need to match the email and attachments from all their email accounts with With multiple email account import, Match My Email […]

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Match My Email Releases New Version

One key advantage of a cloud application is its fast development cycle. From its launch on January 16, 2011 to today, Match My Email is now on its third major update with Version 1.3.2. Match My Email integrates any IMAP server with Recent trials have involved, Apple Mail, Google Apps, Open-Xchange, Exchange 2010, […]

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Version 1.2 In Production

Match My Email, Version 1.2 went into production yesterday morning. This is the third code release for MME since its launch on January 16, 2011. Match My Email integrates email with MME has applied for the SFDC AppExchange. In response to customer demand, MME modified the “Ignore” feature. Its processing logic is now more […]

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User Management Improvements

In preparation for AppExchange Security Review, Match My Email releases improvements in role and user management. Tarrytown, New York, March 8, 2011.  Match My Email upgraded its cloud service over the weekend to Release 1.1.0.    Match My Email implemented a new role and user management architecture in preparation for the Security Review required by […]

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Match My Email Version 1.0.0 is Live

Match My Email Version 1.0.0: Edition is live on the production server.  All customers were migrated to the new version yesterday.  Sign up for a demo or free trial of this revolutionary approach to integrating email and Salesforce.   Mailspect (aka RAE Internet or Message Partners) is proud to announce this milestone.   

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