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Connecting the Clouds: GoDaddy Workspace Email, Match My Email,

More and more business of all sizes are discovering the benefits of cloud computing — ease-of-use, lower cost and pay-as-you go. Email is being provided by Software-As-A-Service providers like GoDaddy, Rackspace, Network Solutions, and 1&1. Cloud-based customer relationship management solutions such as are experiencing rapid adoption. Now the new challenge is linking the […]

Read Further ‘Connect for Notes’ No Longer Available announced on October 1, 2011 that no new activations of ‘Connect for Notes’ would be supported, leaving new Lotus subscribers without a email syncing and logging tool. By withdrawing support for ‘Connect for Notes’ , highlighted the inherent contradiction in its entire email integration strategy. Instead of developing a cloud-based email syncing and […]

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Privacy Controls in a Fully Automatic Email Sorting and Uploading Solution

Everyone wants a fully automatic email integration solution because it saves time and effort. Sales reps wants all their email communications in all the right records at their fingertips. No one wants to jump back and forward between Outlook or Gmail or some other email service and just to be sure they understand […]

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Salesforce for Outlook – Error Messages

Salesforce for Outlook doesn’t work with all versions of Windows — at either the server or device level — nor all versions of Outlook, Entourage or Exchange 2003. Consequently, it cannot be installed and used by all employees in many business, not-for-profits, educational institutions and governments that use All too often, when trying to roll out Salesforce […]

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Lotus Notes Integration with

Integrating an IBM Lotus Domino server with has never been easier. Using open standards such as IMAP, Match My Email imports emails from an IBM Lotus Notes solution and matches them to the right objects / files / records fully automatically. Putting email into the right record is not easy. If it […]

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Fixing the Flaws in Salesforce for Outlook

The Salesforce for Outlook is a good product, but not perfect. It is excellent at synchronizing contacts and calendar entries between Outlook and Salesforce. Where it falls flat is with email and attachment logging. 1. De-Duplication: Salesforce for Outlook synchronizes from one Outlook client on a single computer to the Salesforce cloud at a time. […]

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Integrating Heterogeneous Email Environments with

As organizations get more and more wired, heterogeneous email environments are springing up. Integrating multiple email systems and services with can be a challenge. Match My Email offers the capability to integrate different email servers and hosted services with with a few mouse clicks. Match My Email (“MME”) realized in 2010 that organizations […]

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