Match My Email Releases New Version

Posted on 03. May, 2011 by in New Release

One key advantage of a cloud application is its fast development cycle. From its launch on January 16, 2011 to today, Match My Email is now on its third major update with Version 1.3.2.

Match My Email integrates any IMAP server with Recent trials have involved, Apple Mail, Google Apps, Open-Xchange, Exchange 2010, Entourage, Exchange 2007, and iPad.

Match My Email offers the sales rep a fully automatic systems that logs email into with no user involvement. It offers email communications and customer data in one convenient place, in

Enhancements in Version 1.3.2 were driven by customer and Salesforce AppExchange feedback: security improvements, faster response times, improved graphical user interface, and new, more sophisticated ‘Ignore’ logic.

Version 1.4 is due by the end of May 2011. It will include multiple IMAP server imports, and multi-matching with de-duplication.

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