Email Integration for the Group Edition

Posted on 28. Oct, 2011 by in New Release’s Group edition is a bargain. It costs only $20 per month per user and offers a full-feature CRM systenm in the cloud — with full backup and fail-safe redundancy. The Group Edition makes it possible for single office / home office businesses to have the customer relationship management tools, previously available only to the largest multinational companies.

Match My Email extends the utility of the Group Edition by adding fully automatic email integration, syncing and logging. Match My Email works out-of-the-cloud with the Group Edition, because MME does not include any custom objects or require the API interface to After setting up email imports and credentials, the system works immediately matching emails to records — i.e., Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and Accounts.

Match My Email works entirely in the background, silently and efficiently logging email into It stores emails for 45 days looking every twenty minutes for new matches — we call this reprocessing.

Ambiguous emails — emails that match to multiple records — are resolved automatically after seven days based on Match My Email’s Social Intelligence algorithm.

For $9.95 per month per user, Match My Email is estimated to save the average user $938 per year versus manual and semi-manual email logging tools.

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