November 1, 2016

Match My Email Releases Update Credentials Wizard That Works with new Gmail/Google Apps Security Technology

Match My Email is designed to fully automate the process of syncing emails to Salesforce and make administration of the app as effortless as possible. One technology that the app incorporates is Open Authentication or “Oauth” for security and password sync. Match My Email authenticates to Salesforce using Oauth so users never have to update their SFDC passwords in the ISVForce app.

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Match My Email Optimizes the User Experience by Eliminating Clicks Wherever Possible

Match My Email has been design from the ground up with efficiency in mind. The app’s designers have spent thousands of hours creating a user experience that is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use. Just by eliminating manual email syncing and logging, and replacing it with fully automated Salesforce email integration, Match My Email is estimated to save the average user 9,600 clicks per year.

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Match My Email Extends Custom Tools to Matching by Domain Name

There are so many apps that it is hard to pick the right one for your organization. But pick you must, because email integration is so important to Salesforce adoption, usage and return on investment. Match My Email offers the most productive email integration app on the market. Match My Email will enable your entire organization to work faster and smarter.

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