February 15, 2017

Doing Emails in Salesforce is Faster and Better with Match My Email

It doesn’t matter which email system you use – Gmail, Outlook or MacMail. Match My Email makes working on emails easier, faster and better in Salesforce. First, you won’t have to waste time looking for an email from a customer in your email account again. That’s because Match My Email puts every email into Salesforce and syncs it to the right customer record. Match My Email eliminates the need to put customer emails in folders in Gmail, Outlook and MacMail. It puts the emails automatically into the Salesforce equivalent of a folder, a Salesforce record — – Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity and/or Case based on email address matching. Hence the name Match My Email.

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Domain Name Syncing of Emails Integrated into ISVForce Insurance Agency Management App, Canary AMS

Atlantic Insurors is a full-service, independent insurance agency serving individuals and businesses in New Jersey. Its agents are trained, licensed professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping people with any or all of their insurance needs. The agency provides a wide range of personal and commercial coverages. Atlantic works with major carriers, including Travelers, Farmers, Hartford, AIG, Pure, Chubb, Plymouth Rock, Encompass, Metlife, Allstate, Progressive and Mercury.

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Match My Email Adds New Bulk Matching Features, User Setup Wizard and Lightning Upgrades

Match My Email added capabilities to both its Standard Email Cloud (Version 6.6) and MultiMatch ISVForce package (Version 5.4) this week. Match My Email cloud admins supporting MultiMatch accounts are encouraged to contact support at www.matchmyemail.com/support and schedule an upgrade session of the ISVForce app. All Email Cloud upgrades occur automatically in background and require no admin action.

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Match My Email Releases Update Credentials Wizard That Works with new Gmail/Google Apps Security Technology

Match My Email is designed to fully automate the process of syncing emails to Salesforce and make administration of the app as effortless as possible. One technology that the app incorporates is Open Authentication or “Oauth” for security and password sync. Match My Email authenticates to Salesforce using Oauth so users never have to update their SFDC passwords in the ISVForce app.

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