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Match My Email’s mission is to provide the best email syncing and logging for Salesforce.com.  To accomplish this goal, the company has focused on three technical directions:

(1) fully automated email integration versus manual email logging;

(2) platform independence so users can sync email from multiple, different systems at once;

(3) 100% accurate email activity reports and dashboards in Salesforce.com.

The Match My Email journey began in 2009.  RAE Internet Inc., the parent comany of Match My Email and a distributor and developer of antivirus and anti-spam software, was looking for a better email syncing tool for its sales team.    RAE Internet’s Founder and CEO, Michael Katz, decided to build versus buy after testing the tools on the market for Salesforce.com.  He recruited Paul Sterne, a former IBM executive and serial enterpeneur who had founded E2open Inc. (NASDAQ:  EOPN) and Open-Xchange AG, to lead the effort.   Two years later,  the result was Match My Email, a fully automated email syncing and logging cloud service, that was released on November 30, 2011 at Cloudforce 2011.

To make Match My Email meet the demands of RAE Internet’s sales team, the development team had to invent new technology.   Match My Email is 24/7/365 and always on.  It creates an up-to-date email log in Salesforce.com even if the sales rep has not logged into his or her email account.  The logging occurs every twenty minutes because Match My Email downloads email — both inbound and outgoing — three times per hour to its mini-cloud for processing.  Match My Email uses email addresses as unique identifiers or tags.  It matches the email address(es) in the header of an email to all the relevant records in Salesforce.com; this radically new technology is called MultiMatch.  Fully automated email syncing and logging saves each sales rep 100 hours of work per year.

Match My Email works at the network or Internet level using the IMAP open standard.   It works with every major email system like Microsoft, Google, Open-Xchange, MacMail, Apple and Lotus and every major email service like GoDaddy, Office 365 Live, Rackspace, 1&1, Network Solutions, Strato, Fasthosts and Yahoo!

None of this would have been possible without the vision and perseverance of Match My Email’s core development team: Serhiy Fyrin and Ovidiu Bivolaru, or our Sales and Support team, Simone Duncan and Gail McGlamery.

Match My Email is headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, New York, in the suburbs of New York City.  Development is located in Kherson, Ukraine and Support in Romania and Eastport, Maine.


A distributor and developer of antivirus and anti-spam software and a Salesforce.com power user.


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